Answers To Those Tattoo Questions That Seem Too Awkward To Ask

Got it.


Getting a tattoo can be nerve-wracking: Where should I get it? What should I get? Will it look just like every other twentysomethings tattoo?

Tattoo artists are some of the best resources for all of your important questions, you know, seeing as they've probably seen and heard it all.

Luckily, GQ Magazine asked Andy Perez, a Brooklyn tattoo artist, all those questions you may be too afraid to ask in an effort to help prepare you for the big decision.

And they got some pretty good advice out of it too. Check out what they learned:

On what to get: "You're allowed to get tattooed just because it looks cool. Not everything has to be, like, some huge metaphorical thing."

On how much it will hurt: "They all hurt. [It's] whether you want it or not. It only hurts while you're getting it."

On picking an artist: "Ask people who have nice tattoos. That's the best way to find out."

On what's popular: "Just like a circle or a triangle. We can do clean lines... but also your body's not made of straight lines... When you put on a circle and move your arm, it's going to be an oval."

Be sure to watch the video above for more.


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