Did We Just Learn Who Will Actually Play The Joker On "Gotham" Or Is The Joke On Us?

The Clown Prince of Crime might be someone we already know.

The biggest mystery on Gotham isn't who killed Batman's parents or how Catwoman fits into that skin-tight suit (we're guessing lots of Crisco is involved). The most intriguing question of all is actually happening behind the scenes: Which one of these crazy kids is going to become The Joker? The show's producers have promised the most iconic comic book villain of all time will show up at some point and they teased his identity the whole first season. Now, we have another hint, this time from a familiar face. Could Cameron Monaghan be Gotham's Joker?

In season 1, Monaghan played Jerome, a creepy teenaged circus performer who, Det. Gordon discovers, murdered his mother and pinned the crime on an old carnie who — twist! — turned out to actually be his father. Though Gotham's promos around the episode heavily hinted that Jerome could be The Joker, his future status as unhinged supervillain was left unresolved. Monaghan only appeared in that one episode.

But on July 8, the actor posted a picture on Instagram that is definitely intended to get us guessing about Jerome's Joker potential all over again. The shot shows Jerome posing against a police height chart, wearing an unmistakable evil grin.


Check out Monaghan's Joker tease here:

The photo had a simple caption: #Gotham. Do you believe Gotham has finally given away its Joker or is Jerome just one more red herring to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.


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