Gordon Ramsay Is The Perfect Opponent For James Corden's 'Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts'

"That's unfair, 'cause I'm a chef."

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James Corden has played "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," his Late Late Show version of "Truth or Dare," with everyone from Anna Wintour to Kim Kardashian. But on Tuesday night, he discovered perhaps the perfect opponent for the gag-worthy game — celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Not only is Ramsay ideal for the food-themed challenge, but he's also notoriously honest — at least in his critiques. The way the game works is that each participant can either answer an awkward question or eat an unusual delicacy chosen by their challenger. 


Corden kicked things off by taking a bite of cow's tongue, rather than name the product he's been paid to endorse which he doesn't actually use. "I've eaten worse," he says afterward, joking to Ramsay. "I've eaten in a couple of your places."

Don't worry, he got back at Ramsay in good time — but only after Ramsay honestly ranked three fellow chefs from best to worst. When it came to the question of which celebrity he wishes wouldn't return to his restaurant, however, Ramsay would rather eat bull penis covered in hot sauce.

Corden's final concoction for Ramsay (salmon ice cream, clam juice, and a chicken's foot) led the chef to argue, "That's unfair, 'cause I'm a chef. And you're a host. This is my livelihood."

Find out if Ramsay took a bite in the video below:

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