Watch Gordon Ramsay Try Girl Scout Cookies For The Very First Time

"Visually, they look like dog biscuits."

Somehow, British chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay managed to go through this much time in the United States without trying Girl Scout cookies. 

Fear not, Jimmy Kimmel made sure he got that rite of passage during Ramsay's visit to his show this week.  

"I'm going to, first of all, warn you this is almost like sacred territory you're entering here. There's the American flag, and there's Willie Nelson, and then we have Girl Scout cookies," Kimmel warned. "Those are the only three things we care about." 

Kimmel presented Ramsay with three Girl Scout classics: Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas. Pretty solid selection. 

The only problem? Ramsay pretty much hated every single one.

Watch his reaction in the video below:

Yep, he really did spit them out. But don't worry, he made sure to let the Internet know that he doesn't think it's the Girl Scouts' fault:


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