Watch What Happens When This Woman Tries To Sing A Disney Classic With Google Translate

"I had the lamp."

Google Translate is quick and easy to use to translate one language to the next, but it's not always completely accurate. Twenty-one-year-old YouTube performer Malinda Kathleen Reese knows this very well considering she started a parody series using the platform. 

In her series, "Google Translate Sings," Reese puts a beloved song into Google Translate, translates it through several other languages, and then translates it back into English. It's hilarious to watch how words get transformed to something totally ridiculous from language to language. In the past, we've loved her renditions of Adele's "Hello" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Now, we can't get enough of her parody of the Disney classic "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty. In it, two "princesses" duel it out to try to sing the version of the song they think is correct. 


Watch what happens when Reese translates the song into Korean, Russian, Uzbek, Kurgyc, and then back to English:

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