7 Reasons Why Going Out Is Way Better Than Staying In

Netflix and chill is so 2015.

After a long day of work, when you're deciding whether you should stay in or go out tonight, it turns out that the answer is a no-brainer. Going out of the house and feasting on a great dinner is well worth the trip. Streaming television programs and binge-watching is simply no match for getting out of the house and having fun.

Here are seven reasons why going out instead of staying in is the best decision you'll make.


1. Watch what you missed later.

Don't spoil your evening by staying in and watching a program that is streaming or on DVR. Your shows aren't going anywhere. The best part about on-demand TV is that you can leave your house, have fun with some friends at a restaurant, and catch up on those shows later.

2. Going out is the new staying in.

Staying in was more of a last year thing, but you've been cooped in familiar surroundings all day. Why not head out and experience something new or have an adventure? You can visit new places and try new activities that will make your night memorable.

3. Seeing new scenery is better than seeing new shows.

Every night you go out is like a once-in-a-lifetime experience to check out a new venue or to hang out at a local annual event. There's something special about changing your surroundings every night and experiencing something new and fresh.

4. Going out means more exercise and you get to be more active.

Leaving the house is an opportunity to stay in shape and have fun. Being physically active can also lead to fun social interactions with friends and new adventures. Meanwhile, there's nothing hip about being a couch potato, and it could be harmful to your health. Improve your overall well-being by going out.

5. Chilling at the bar in a social environment is better than "Netflix and chilling."

Hanging out with folks at a bar is always the best way to chill. Bars have everything you need, including delicious beverages, music, and fun activities. And all of those exciting things at a bar are way better when you are enjoying it with a good group of people.

6. You can meet new friends.

You may like certain characters in your favorite television shows, but they aren't your real friends. It turns out that your real friends are active and they do things. And the only way you'll meet real friends is by going out and having a festive time.

7. Feast on delicious food and handcrafted cocktails.

Perhaps the most important reason to leave the house is to feast on delicious food and to enjoy refreshing beverages in a fun place. Going out to restaurants such as TGI Fridays and trying an entrée and a drink on the Dine and Drink for $12 menu, like the Hot Southern Chicken and the Ruby Red Spiked Lemonade, is worth way more than just staying in all night. So get out of the house and have the time of your life.


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