The 7 Most Extreme GoPro Videos You Will Ever See

It's insane we can see this on film.

When the GoPro came into existence in 2004, the world suddenly got a first person look at some of the most dangerous stunts humans have ever performed.

Now, eleven years later, there are some amazing videos out there. Everything from riding sharks to jumping out of helicopters to skiing through avalanches, the world has been able to see true extreme adventure up close.

Below, we've compiled 7 of the most extreme GoPro videos you can find on the Internet. 


1. Backflip over a 72 ft. canyon.

Most people are scared to walk on canyons, but Kelly McGarry decided to take his bike through one. Oh, and after navigating a narrow path and hitting a few ramps, he also went for a backflip over a giant 72-foot drop that would surely not end well if he made any mistakes. 

The video is absolutely bonkers. 

2. A compilation of some of the best clips ever

GoPro has been around for a relatively long time now. So it should not come as a surprise that they have captured a bounty of breathtaking footage from all over the world. In this compilation, you can see everything from gnarly surfing to insane skydives to roaring motorbike action. It's just another important reminder of all the stuff you can catch on film. 

3. Andy Mac flying off of a mega ramp.

Andy Mac might be one of the bravest men alive. In this stunning video from the the X-games, he takes his skateboard on a ride off the mega ramp that in a stunt that — if it didn't turn out perfectly — would end in a collection of broken bones. 

4. "Shark riders."

People ride all sorts of things. Waves, skateboards, motorcycles, bikes. But few people have the guts to ride sharks. Unless, of course, you're a "shark rider." In this magical video, two of the world's most renowned daredevils talk about what it's like to swim in the deep blue with one of the world's most feared predators.  

5. A mountain ride like you've never seen.

Steep mountains and deep snow are meant to be avoided, unless you're among the most talented outdoor athletes in the world. Travis Rice, John Jackson, Chris Davenport, and Lynsey Dyer had a helicopter drop them into the most treacherous slopes in the Andes. Then, in unison, they strapped up and dove in. Result? This jaw-dropping clip.

6. An avalanche cliff jump.

Speaking of mountain sports, everyone knows that when you're skiing, one of the worst things that can happen is to fly off a cliff. Unless, of course, you have a parachute on hand. For Matthias Giraud, the plan worked perfectly. But then, as he took off over the mountainside and into a giant drop that appears to be hundreds of feet deep, something even more astounding happened: an avalanche

Fortunately, the cameras were rolling the entire time.

7. Just a regular old helicopter skydive.

Most people go skydiving to jump out of a plane and land in a soft field lush with grass. But if you're this group of friends, you trade the plane for a helicopter and the fields of green for a tropical beach. Curious how much better thatmakes it? Just check out the video and see. 

And there you have it! We could watch these over and over again and never get tired of it.


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