Here's How Celebrities Are Showing Support For LGBTQ Kids — And How You Can Too

Every message counts.

The LGBTQ community was among those included in reports of groups experiencing increased discrimination and violence following the election. Many were concerned that rising intolerance would hinder the progress made during the past few years, and the Trump administration's rollback of Obama-era protections of transgender students did little in the way of reassurance.

In a show of support to LGBTQ students, the organization GLSEN launched a national campaign called 100 Days of Kindness, asking advocates and allies to share their messages of support and solidarity with LGBTQ students on social media. GLSEN, which champions LGBTQ issues in schools, has been encouraging people to post their notes online with the hashtag #KindnessInAction since last month, later including each message on its website to form something of a virtual brick wall. 

Many people and organizations have participated in the campaign and spread the message on their social media channels, including the likes of America Ferrera, Lance Bass, and Beyoncé, who voiced her support of transgender students after the Obama-era protections were revoked.


GLSEN has been actively defending LGBTQ students' rights, a role that has taken on increased significance with the current administration. Representatives from the organization met with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos following her nomination to highlight the dangers in taking away guidelines to protect one of the most vulnerable communities from discrimination. 

In a press statement following that meeting, GLSEN Executive Director Dr. Eliza Byard said: 

We ensured that DeVos heard — directly from us — that we will not budge or compromise when it comes to the full support and protection that all of our children, including LGBTQ youth, deserve from this Administration, from the Department of Education and from its Office for Civil Rights.

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