Shattered Glass Nails Are The Latest Manicure Trend Hitting Salons

Would you try it?

"Glass nails" are the latest trend fashionistas are going goo goo over. 

But don't start saving the shards from your broken wine tumbler just yet, because the glass nail look isn't achieved by using actual glass. Instead, pieces of cellophane are cut up into various shapes and then glued to the nail to create the illusion of glass. 

Take a look: 


The mastermind behind the idea is South Korean manicurist and founder of Unistella salon, Eun Kyung Park. Despite the name, she wasn't inspired by glass when she started experimenting with this style. Instead, she found inspiration in abalones, very large edible sea snails that have mother-of-pearl shells. 

Check out what the manicure looks like below:

Swooning over this look yet? Lucky for you, Park helped develop some easy-to-apply glass nail stickers. Just throw on a basecoat, your nail polish color of choice, apply the stickers and finish with a topcoat. You're all set. 

(H/T: Refinery29

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