Women Of All Ages Answer: What's It Like To Be In Love?

"To find the good in someone and accept it."

Love is a hard thing to describe because everyone experiences it differently. But in a recent video from Glamour magazine, 70 women of all different ages try to explain what it's like to be in love and the results are nothing short of heartwarming.

The first person to answer the question is just 5 years old. She says, "I play with them a lot." Afterward, a 6-year-old says, "When people do special stuff for each other."

After a few more responses, teenagers weigh in. Being in love is "when you have a really good relationship with someone and you want to be with them all the time," one 13-year-old answers. 

"To be happy and feel like you're safe with the person you're with," an 18-year-old adds.

Then, women in their 20s through their 60s take on what it's like to be in love:

"To find the good in someone and accept it," says a 25-year-old.

"Knowing you're with good peeps. [It] doesn't have to be romantic," another adds, reminding us that love isn't just between you and your significant other, of course.

A 43-year-old says later that being in love means "not having to worry about tomorrow."

Finally, the oldest women polled round out the video:

"It's being able to give part of your soul to another person," one 73-year-old thinks.

The beautiful video is a gentle reminder that love cannot be defined but it should always be cherished. Check out more below:



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