People Ages 5 To 75 Revealed The Things They Regret Most, And We Can All Learn From Their Answers

"Chances to speak up for other people, or to stop people from being bullied."

"What do you most regret?"

That was the question posed to 70 people between the ages of 5 and 75 in a new video for Glamour magazine. Despite the age differences, many people had similar responses. 

"Not spending time with my oldest brother before he went to college," a 14-year-old girl said. 

"Not letting my grandmother know how much I loved her," an 18-year-old woman said. 

"Not getting to know my father more before he died," a 25-year-old man said. 

"Not having spent more time with my parents," a 62-year-old woman said. 

Some other common responses were being unkind to others, not saying "yes" to experiences that could've been positive, and making the wrong choices when it came to school and their careers. 

Let their responses inspire you to think about your own life — so that you can avoid similar regrets. Spend more time with your loved ones and show them you care. Be kind to the people you surround yourself with and stick up for them when they're being wronged. Agree to new experiences. 

One response that was more common than the rest — from a 6-year-old girl to a 60-year-old man — was having no regrets at all. So, if there is a regret that's been eating at you, try to learn from it and forgive yourself. 


You can watch the video below:

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