These Are The Very Real, Very Gross Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

"You don't want a mirror right now."


There's some things you always hear about childbirth. The pain, the pushing, the hand squeezing. Then there's the sweating and the screaming. But aside from all that good stuff, there's some other things people rarely talk about. It's important that expecting mothers have as much information about the delivery process as possible, because the more they know, the better prepared they'll be. 

BuzzFeed created a video that shows some of these less-talked about experiences women may face while delivering. For instance, you may very well defecate or urinate during labor. You may also want to give up and go home once labor starts. The nurses and doctors around you will be irritatingly calm and casual, and your family members might shove cameras in your face and eat in front of you, even when you're starving and can't ingest anything yourself until you deliver. 

But, after all is said and pushed, you'll be a mother. And that's worth it all in the end. 


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