Here's What You Do With An Old Tattoo That You Regret Getting — Cover It Up

Your bad choices — fixed.


People say tattoos are for life. And they're right.

Having your skin inked will most definitely leave a mark for the rest of eternity, no matter if you try to laser it off, cover with makeup or simply hide it underneath layers of clothes.

However, one way to avoid the constant struggle of making sure no one notices your embarrassing tramp stamp is to cover it up with a new design.

That's exactly what these two gals in BuzzFeed's latest video did!

Brittany and Hannah both had regrettable tattoos from their past they no longer felt comfortable with. So with the help of Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Diana C Munoz, they transformed these unwanted tats with new, fabulous ink.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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