Coke Shampoo? One Brave Fashionista Takes The Sticky Plunge.

Can it actually work? We salute you.

Can an extreme amount of carbohydrates and sugar actually be good for your hair?


We certainly have never tried washing our hair with Coca-Cola, but one girl named Ellko decided to take the challenge for her 250,000 subscribers and millions of curious minds.

Inspired by supermodel Suki Waterhouse, Ellko had to find out for herself if this truly was a "Fashion Fail or Holy Grail".

The reasoning behind rinsing your hair with coke is that it will give you some nice "tousled Amazon-like waves."

Press gif for sound

After some research, she discovered if you have short hair, one can or bottle is enough. If you have long hair, you better double up. Let's get on with it!

After getting Coke absolutely everywhere and jumping in the shower, the results are surprisingly awesome. Look at those curls!

Watch the video below to see the final results.

Will you try this out? Share in the comments.



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