Little Girl Isn't Happy People Are Getting Ready For Christmas Before Thanksgiving

"I have felt this way my whole life, Olive!"

On one hand, there are a lot of people out there who are completely ready for Christmas in November. On the other hand, there are those who feel like we all need to calm down and remember that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, too.

One of those people fighting for Thanksgiving is 6-year-old Olive, whose birthday also happens to be on Turkey Day. In an Instagram video posted by her mother, Karla Jean Davis, Olive opens up about her frustrations and asks people to stop getting ready for Christmas.

"Everyone is getting ready for Christmas when it is Thanksgiving! And it's your birthday on Thanksgiving," Olive says while eating a snack. "They were starting the Christmas stuff when it was almost Halloween. One time, I was going [to] a place, and I was like 'there's going to be so much Halloween stuff.' [But] there was a dragon holding a candy cane and a Santa hat. There was only a little Halloween stuff."

Olive finally suggests that if we don't appreciate all the other holidays (and stop being so "rude") perhaps they'll come to an end.

Love What Matters has since shared Davis's hilarious video and people have come to her defense, and those that don't necessarily agree are still willing to listen. 

"Turkeys, and giving thanks need their special time too! One at a time, people — one at a time! We have time for it all," one person comments. 

"My birthday is November 25. I have felt this way my whole life, Olive!" another adds.

And while we think everyone should celebrate whatever holidays as they please, we do like that Olive treasures each one as its own.


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