Little Girl Tries 54 New Things In Under 2 Minutes, Reminds Us Of The Magic Of Firsts

When's the last time you tried something new?

Do you remember the first time you ate a dumpling? How about the first time you listened to classical music? Your first game of Twister?

Mllie does. The 8-year-old signed up for an "epic day of firsts" courtesy of Glamour magazine. In the short video, she tries 54 things for the very first time, including taking her first Polaroid picture, trying a bunch of new foods, and even egging the camera. 

She tries each new thing excitedly and without hesitation — even when she ends up hating it. The video is a sweet reminder that we could all be more adventurous. Regardless of age, we should all be trying new things. That might mean doing something totally out of your comfort zone like skydiving or something much more simple like trying a new workout routine. 

For inspiration, see what Millie tries in the video below: 


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