Watch What Happens When This Little Girl Shows Her Friends Her New Prosthetic Leg

“Is that your new pink leg?”

Seven-year-old Anu had her leg amputated shortly after she was born and wears a prosthetic leg every day. But the little girl from Birmingham, England recently received a new pink blade, made especially for her, that allows her to run, dance, and jump — and it's in her favorite color.  

In a video from BBC Midlands Today, Anu is seen showing off her new blade to her friends on the playground. The kids rush over to check it out, and their reaction will warm your cold, cynical heart.


"Is that your new pink leg?" one girl asks. "Wow!" 

Some of the girls then offer Anu hugs, before she runs around the playground and holds hands with her friend. 

Unsurprisingly, Anu's story touched the hearts of many internet viewers. Some commented that the welcoming spirit of these children sets a positive example for adults everywhere. 

Anu was able to receive the new prosthetic thanks to government funding in England. However, BBC Midlands Today reports that the funding is due to run out in March next year and prosthetics need to be replaced every two years. "We asked the Department of Health to confirm if funding will continue, but they told us they can't comment because of the upcoming general election," a BBC Midlands Today reporter said. 

For Anu and all the other kids like her, we very much hope they do. 

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