This 14-Year-Old Caught One Of The Rarest Lobsters In The Entire World

A true jewel of the sea.

Meghan LaPlante, 14, made what some experts are calling a one-in-two-million catch when she found an incredibly rare blue lobster in one of her traps last week.

The lobster has been named Skyler.

Meghan, who is about to begin her freshman year in high school, works summers at Miss Meghan's Lobster Catch in Old Orchard Beach. The lobster is truly unlike any other she had seen. "I knew that it was definitely rare," she told the Boston Globe. "But I actually have never seen any other unordinary lobster."

Meghan, in blue, and Skyler... also in blue.

The beautiful cerulean blue crustacean will be moving to the Maine State Aquarium.

The rarest of all lobsters, however, is the "crystal" or albino lobster. According to the University of Maine, only one in one hundred million lobsters are born with no color at all.

(h/t to The Boston Globe.)

Visit Skyler at the Maine Aquarium and check out more pics of this very rare creature at Miss Meghan"s Lobster Catch on Facebook.

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