When She Wanted To Adopt A New Puppy, Her Dad Said She Could Under One Condition

... so she took to Twitter.

Clara Foster, aka "Puppy Lady," loves her dogs.


Not only is she a proud dog owner herself, she also volunteers and helps out at places like K9 Angels.

It's safe to say that the dogs definitely like her back.

However, she recently lost her dog, Fuchsia.

It's always tough to lose a pet you have loved for so many years, but somewhere out in the world is a new puppy that can help ease that pain.

So, when Clara found out that her cousin's dog gave birth, it was hard to pass on the opportunity to adopt one.

She gravitated towards one named Olly.

One look at his cute, little face and you can see why.

However, her dad had one clause before she could adopt Olly.

He told her, as you can see in the text below, that she had to get 1,000,000 retweets in order to get him.

Since that is an extremely high number that not even the biggest celebrities on Twitter with millions of followers get, she countered with 100,000 retweets instead.

Luckily, her dad accepted and she posted the conversation with a picture of Olly to her followers on Twitter.

Soon enough, she began racking up the retweets and even news outlets such as "USA Today," BuzzFeed, and The Huffington Post were helping her get to her mark of 100,000.

Her dad couldn't quite believe it, as Clara told BuzzFeed News. She said, “He definitely didn’t realize that I would gain this much momentum."

Well, when there is an adorable puppy in consideration, expect the unexpected, dad.

Once she got her 100,000 retweets, it was only a matter of time until the bundle of joy wound up on her doorstep.

Very handsome indeed.

Seems like Olly and Clara will be spending many happy years together.


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