Girl Vents About Her Job, Becomes World Famous


Twitter is a wonderful platform for sharing opinions. However, it may not be the best idea to log on to rant about your new job.

That's what Twitter user Cellla_ reportedly did right before she was slated to start a new job at a pizzeria.

Seemingly a little less than enthusiastic about the new gig, she took to Twitter to vent.

But to her surprise, her new boss apparently found out about her Tweet.

According to The Mirror, her job would have consisted of "taking phone orders, making subs/salads."

Looking at both sides of the argument, one can understand how a boss could feel disrespected and how one might not find taking phone orders to be the most exhilarating pastime. 

Her public firing led to an unbelievable chain of events.

She became a trending news story.

Her story went viral on Fox News, USA Today, The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and many other news outlets

On her Twitter, she kept track of where her story was popping up throughout the world.

Hong Kong





But at the end of the day, Cellla_ just wants some Chipotle.

Fair enough. 

Here's to Cellla_ getting a new job soon!

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