We Officially Want This Instagrammer's Life

She made a fantastic choice in California.

Instagramming food has become awfully cliché, but designer Melissa Hie's account dedicated to food is definitely an exception. 

Hie is eating her way around the world. So far, she's traveled to 31 countries. During her travels, Hie snaps gorgeous photos of the mouthwatering meals she's eating with memorable sites in the background. 

She posts the photos to her Instagram Girl Eat World. She has amassed more than 170,000 followers since she started the account in 2014. 

It's the perfect account for foodies with wanderlust. 


Check out some of our favorite delicious photos she's posted so far:

1. Macaroons in Zurich

2. "Ice cream on clouds" in Sydney

3. Corn on the cob in Lombok, Indonesia

4. Hello Kitty doughnut in Tokyo

5. Croissant in Paris, France

6. Soft serve in Malta

7. Pretzel in New York City

8. Vietnamese iced coffee in Vietnam

9. Kebab wrap in Ölüdeniz, Turkey

10. Durian ice cream bread in Singapore

11. Stone-baked crackers in Lake Inle, Myanmar

12. Soft serve in Seoul

13. Parfait in London

14. Belgian fries in Antwerp, Belgium

15. Coconut in Bali

16. In-N-Out burger in California

17. Danish roll in Denmark

(H/T: Elite Daily

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