Little Girl Supports Her Cancer-Stricken BFF By Chopping Off Her Rapunzel-Like Locks

This is true friendship.

As a regular 9-year-old girl from England, Libby Tucker-Spiers wanted to grow her long, blond locks out like Rapunzel's. 

She was well on her way, with her healthy, golden hair reaching halfway down her back.

But that dream was superseded by a larger, selfless desire to help out her best friend and "boyfriend," 7-year-old Aiden Selleck, while he was undergoing treatment for kidney cancer.

After seeing Aiden lose his hair to chemotherapy, Libby decided to do something many adults would not even dare to.

She decided to cut her long, flowing locks in solidarity with Aiden.

Libby and Aiden have been best friends for most of their lives, and playfully call each other girlfriend and boyfriend. 

She initially wanted to donate her hair to Aiden, but her mom, Charlie Spiers, was aware that he didn't want to wear a wig. So she encouraged Libby to give to the organization Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for other cancer-stricken children with a £350 ($540) donation and some hair.

Clare Selleck, Aiden's mom, and Spiers met when they were induced in the same room — Aiden and Libby's younger sister were born on the same day. 

Selleck told ABC News that what Libby did was an amazing moment for the bond between both the families. 

"He [Aiden] just kept looking at her saying, 'Oh Libby, are you OK? It's going to be short!" Selleck said. "I think it's amazing. She obviously didn't have to do that and it's lovely that she wanted to ... She's been a really great friend and a really brave girl to cut off all that hair for him."

Now, Libby and her mom are crowdfunding to raise money for the wig and for Aiden's "End of Chemo" party.

The last of Aiden's 27 rounds of chemotherapy will be on December 30. Aiden hopes to celebrate the occassion at a local stadium with family, classmates and his soccer buddies.

As for the rest of us, we can only bask in Libby and Aiden's wonderful friendship as he continues his courageous battle against cancer.


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