3-Year-Old Is Very Confused About These Easter Traditions — And We Really Can't Blame Her

"Are the Easter Bunny and Jesus best pals?"

"Dad, are you painting a face on an egg? Have you lost your mind?" 

These are just two of several questions Isla has about Easter traditions. In a video posted by BBC The Social, the 3-year-old sits across from her father and lays out all of her confusion about the holiday for him to answer. 

"I don't get the characters," Isla says. "We learned all about Easter at nursery. Are the Easter Bunny and Jesus best pals? Is Easter Bunny in the Bible? Does he carry a basket of eggs all the time?"

Her dad tries his best, but he just can't help her make sense of it. Who can blame him? Isla may be young, but she raises some seriously excellent points. Apparently, many other people feel this way, too, because 10 million people have watched the video in less than 24 hours and more than 13,000 have shared it. 

Honestly, her mic drop deserving comment at the end is worth the watch in and of itself. See for yourself in the video below.


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