Little Girl With A Big Heart Buys State Troopers Ice Cream To Cheer Them Up On A Difficult Day

How sweet.

In Kentucky, 5-year old Isabella Gregory witnessed a group of state troopers in a funeral procession for their colleague, Joseph Ponder, a trooper killed on the job earlier this month

Later that day, Isabella was in a McDonald's when some of the same mourning state troopers arrived, according to

Using her instincts, Isabella decided to cheer them up with an oh-so-simple tactic: ice cream.


"As soon as we got done paying for the first couple of troopers, we saw more walk in. She said, 'Mommy, there's more. We have to buy more ice cream for them, too..."

... Isabella's mother, Sarah Yockey, told the publication. "So that's what we did. She ended up buying a total of eight sundaes for all of them there," using her own allowance money.

Eric Homan, one of the officers Isabella treated, posted a beautiful photo to Facebook, featuring Isabella and members of the Kentucky State Police and the Ohio Highway Patrol. The caption reads:

"Thanks to this fine young lady who used her allowance to treat us to ice cream today after the funeral services. We needed that! Relief comes in all different shapes and sizes, thank you for supporting us Isabella, 5 year old from E-town, KY you are living proof of what makes coming to work everyday worth it."

Likewise, Yockey posted a note to her Facebook, recapping her day with her daughter:

"Today Isabella-Marie and I met some amazing men in uniform. These state troopers protect us on a day-to-day basis and risk their lives for my family and yours. The least we can do are small things such as buying them ice cream or a simple 'Thank You.' Their love and support for the kind act my daughter showed today is amazing. Thank you so much for putting a smile on my daughter's face."

But the kindness didn't stop there.

Kentucky State Trooper Patrick Hamilton told that he and another trooper noticed another family, with three children, at the McDonald's that day, and decided to pay "Isabella's kind gesture forward and [give] our ice cream" to them. 

Apparently, a little ice cream can go a really long way.

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