Girl Has A Message For Internet Bullies Who Turned Her Face Into A Bitter Meme

How do you stop something that is out of control?

When you share something on the internet, it sometimes can get out of hand.


That's what happened to twenty-year-old college student Ashley VanPevenage.

She went online and shared a photo of her allergic reaction with a popular Instagram account called Makeupbydreigh.

She explained to Buzzfeed, "I was having this allergic reaction to benzoyl... I knew I needed help to cover my acne."

Soon after she shared the photo, it began picking up steam around the internet on other Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It first began with the joke, "I don't understand how people can do this and I can't figure out how to conceal a single pimple on my face," with the before and after shot.

Soon enough, other internet pranksters began stealing the photo and posting even meaner reactions like, "women you need to take swimming on the first date," as Buzzfeed found.

It didn't stop there. As Makeupbydreigh said in an Instagram post, the photo was seen by "9 million" people around the world.

While it's impossible to stop a photo from being shared on the internet, Ashley decided to say something.

She recorded a message on her YouTube channel explaining the situation and how it made her feel.

First, she acknowledged that at one time she found memes or photos on the internet funny. However, once she found herself at the crux of the joke, she realized it is actually never fun at all for the person in the photo.

After reading the mean comments, she says she "lost her confidence" and "didn't like going out in public with out makeup." 

After some thinking, she began to realize that isn't who she is as a person and couldn't live within that shell. Therefore, she chose not to let internet bullies change who she is and told anyone else in the same situation to try and not let it affect them.

Watch her full message below.


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