These Parents' Birth Announcement Has A Hilariously Dark Twist

"There's no room for you."


Pregnancy announcements bring joy and happiness to parents-to-be and their families all around the world. But as everyone seems to be posting their baby news to social media these days, some feel a need to give their announcement a little extra flair to set them apart. People have announced their pregnancy in song form, others have recorded reaction videos, while some parents have even opted to give their video a Halloween theme.  

In a video posted last week, Gilbert Hernandez and his girlfriend Justine hopped on the funny birth announcement train and turned their video into a comedy sketch. The video begins with Gilbert casually saying, "We have a special announcement. We're pregnant again. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, or what it identifies as ... " 

The announcement soon takes a hilariously dark twist, when Gilbert continues, " ... but one thing's for sure. We only have room for one baby in this house. So, one baby's gotta go." 

The camera then pans down to the couple's first child Clever, who looks up as sad music plays in the background. It's clear she's gotta get out of there. The toddler walks away from the house, as the parents call after her, "There's no room for you anymore!" and "See you someday." 

The video is all in good fun, of course, and it's no wonder the couple chose to turn their announcement into a comedy sketch as Gilbert's YouTube channel TheRandumbShowCA features video skits he makes with his friends in Bakersfield, Calif. 

We know Clever was soon welcomed back into the house, and the family is excited to have her along for the ride when No. 2 comes along. 

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