Determination Can Overcome Anything. Just Ask This Ballerina With Scoliosis.

We can never quit.

When Gigi Crouch was 13, she was diagnosed with scoliosis.


Specifically, Gigi had a "30-degree curve in her thoracic spine, and a 20-degree curve in her lumbar," according to

Even though she had to wear a brace for almost 20 hours a day, as she stated on Instagram, she stayed positive. Eventually, she was able to bring that amount of time down to 12 hours per day. Then to nighttime wear only. Today she is brace free, though she does physical therapy.

Her teenage years were a bit difficult.

"It was hard to be in middle school, so blatantly standing out, until I found Curvy Girls, which is peer support group for girls with scoliosis," she told to

With their support, she began to understand how to deal with her situation and how to overcome it.

Gigi now helps other people in a similar position, saying, "I realized that I could help when I started getting comments that I 'inspired them' and made them 'realize they aren't alone' in this."

The Instagram blog along with people like Kylie Jenner are helping to bring awareness to Gigi's situation and others with the disease.

Now Gigi continues to showcase her supreme talent, proving that nothing can stop you from chasing your passion and dreams.

Keep going, Gigi! We're definitely rooting for you.

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