17 Perfectly Timed Photos Of Dogs That Look Totally Unreal

#16 is ridiculous.

Remember the gigantic dog from The Sandlot? Well, apparently there are more of those beasts out there. In fact, there are at least 17 of them terrorizing our world this very second. Okay, so these dogs might not actually be as tall as buildings, but they certainly appear to be pretty big in some of these perfectly timed photos. 

Take a look: 


1. "Larger than life."

Larger than life

2. The Egyptian king.

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3. "Gigantic dog and hobbit lady."

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4. Giant dog may eat tiny child."

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5. "The accidental giant."

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6. Horse-sized dog.

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7. The regal beast.

Giant dog

8. "Giant dog saves tiny person."

Giant Dog

9. "Check out my giant dog with great posture."

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10. Mr. Big Head.

11. Attack of the giant.

My dog and a friend's dog. Hilarious accidental forced perspective

12. Climbing dog.

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13. "Snow plow cleared the street, then a giant dog showed up."

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14. Huge angry dog.

Huge dog

15. Majestic.

16. "Giant dog or tiny men?"

giant dog or tiny men

17. San Francisco beware.

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(H/T: The Dodo, Bored Panda

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