The 'Ghostbusters' Casts Got Together And Couldn't Stop Complimenting Each Other

Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel!

Despite the backlash against the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot, the movie's original stars have been supportive. Several of them will have cameos in the new movie, and Dan Akroyd, who is also an executive producer on the film, recently said there are "more laughs and more scares" than the original.

Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the original stars took their support even further by joining the new cast on the show in celebration of the first film's anniversary. Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson were all there, as well as Annie Potts. (Harold Ramis sadly passed away in 2014.)

Jimmy asked the new cast to describe their first experience with the original Ghostbusters. Kate McKinnon joked that she was "in utero." Melissa McCarthy said she was 14 at the time and added that she saw it multiple times in the theater and "was slightly obsessed with it."

Jimmy also asked Bill Murray to explain why this new version was so appealing to him after he had been reluctant to participate in potential reboots in the past. He answered simply, "It was only 'cause I knew these girls were funny." He continued to say that he and the rest of the original cast were "screaming and cheering like we were at a sporting event" when they saw the new movie.

Hear all the praise in the video below:

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