You Can Move On From Rejection With These Helpful Steps

Breakups suck, but moving on doesn't have to.


School of Life, an organization "devoted to emotional education," wants to help you get over rejection. 

In a recent video, it detailed all the things you should do as you try to move on. First, let yourself feel those sad feelings and don't try to push them away. "Allow your sadness so much room, so much time, so many melancholic songs, hot baths, and indulgent meals. You eventually bore yourself back into an appetite for life," the video's narrator says in his exceptionally gentle voice. 

The next step? Don't try to justify the harsh things the person who rejected you said. Take them at their word that they meant it. Try to think back at when you rejected someone and remember how you felt. 

"Don't connect up the rejection with everything you fear and hate about being you. Don't accuse them of cowardice. Don't exaggerate their qualities. Don't insist on their uniqueness. Don't offer them sex in the hope of changing their mind. Don't imagine that people can fall back in love with someone out of pity or of guilt," the narrator says. 

It may be hard to think rationally when you're feeling so broken, but try your best to remind yourself of these things. Accept that it's over and commit yourself to moving on. 

"Above all, don't keep thinking of the end of this relationship as tragically sad," the narrator concludes. 

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