As Germany Welcomes Refugees, These Two Young Girls From Different Countries Share A Precious Moment


Who knew a tiny piece of candy could mean so much?

Abroad, refugees have "raved about the warm welcome they had received in Germany after their long and difficult journeys through Europe," according to NBC News. The news outlet reports refugees, many from Syria, have received applause, water and backpacks, clothes, toiletries and pizza, too.

This kind of welcome is well-deserved, given that migrants and refugees fleeing years of violence in the Middle East have otherwise faced opposition from surrounding areas, according to The New York Times. The Times reports that from Syria alone, "About 12 million [people] have been displaced, four million abroad, since 2011."


And one sweet moment between a German toddler and a young Syrian girl proves just how powerful tiny actions can be...

Cassandra Vinograd, a NBC News reporter, posted the moment when a German toddler handed the Syrian girl a piece of candy to welcome her with kindness and warmth. It has already been retweeted and favorited on Twitter nearly 3,000 times.

The Huffington Post called the interaction a "glimmer of hope."

As the refugees continue to arrive, Germany plans to shelter 800,000 foreigners this year, NBC adds, which hopefully means there will be many more sweet moments to go around.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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