This Artist Is Using A Special Technique To Create Geometric Tattoos With An Optical Illusion

Connect the dots.

One tattoo artist by the name of Lewis Ink is using a different approach when inking his customers.


After studying graphic design for seven years, Lewis realized his passion was in geometric patterns and tattoos.

He explains on his website that he just needed to figure out a way to properly apply the shapes to skin. At first glance, they may look like one solid tattoo, but they are actually many dots.

After designing the tattoo on his computer, he then uses man-made tools and his dot technique to create his works of art. He says on his site, "Dots generally age better, and I like the texture the most."

While it could be time consuming, the finished product looks truly amazing, as the shapes move in and out of each other to create a mesmerizing optical illusion.

He only works with one customer per day, and judging by the amount of detail he puts into his tattoos, you can understand why.

He was based out of Sweden, but will be moving to a new studio in Paris "in the next few weeks," he explains on Instagram.

So, if you ever find yourself in the city, be sure to look him up if you want a unique tattoo.

You can find out more on his website here.

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