16 Creative Parenting Hacks To Make Life With The Kids A Little Easier

No. 3 is genius!

Parenting is far from an easy job. Trying to mold a tiny human into a capable person in this tough world requires strength, patience and creativity. It means being underappreciated. It means long hours. It means refining your resourcefulness skills. 

Some seriously creative parents have figured out small ways to make everyday activities with their children just a little bit easier. Lucky for you, they're happy to share their tips and tricks to make your life a teensy bit easier, too. 

Check out some of these handy-dandy parenting hacks that you should totally try:


1. Reuse an empty plastic bottle by cutting it into a faucet extender.

2. Use a laundry basket to keep toys from floating away during bath time.

Keep Toys at arms reach by using a laundry basket!

3. Save money on a playpen by purchasing a cheap inflatable pool instead.

4. Organize your child's things in the car by using a shoe organizer.

Travel organizer

5. Keep pacifiers clean on the go by putting them in plastic sauce containers.

6. Make a fun bracelet for your child that has your phone number beaded into it.

7. Reuse a crib by turning it into a desk.

8. Use an old DVD case as a travel art kit.

Travel art kit

9. Use a box as an art corner for less mess.

10. Slip a popsicle stick through a cupcake liner to catch drips.

No more drips!

11. Cut a sticker in half and place each side in your child's shoe to help him or her get shoes on the right feet.

12. Use a pool noodle to keep doors from closing on your child's fingers.

Repurpose a pool noodle.

13. Put tape over the speaker of loud toys to reduce the volume.

View post on imgur.com

14. Create a kid-sized hammock by tightly tying a bed sheet to a table.

Parenting hack: Create a kid-sized hammock with some fabric and a table.

15. Place a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to keep your child from falling out of bed.

16. Tape fun signs on the wall under your toilet paper dispenser to keep kids from using too much.

(H/T: Architecture and Design)

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