If The World Treated Female Scientists Like Celebrities, It'd Be Like This

What a wonderful world it would be.

What would it be like to live in a world where female scientists were treated like celebrities? In a world where social media hashtags and trending topics revolved around their accomplishments? Where millions of followers flocked to hear them speak, or get their autographs?

In a new advertisement for General Electric (GE), the company imagines just that: a world where female scientists, such as Millie Dresselhaus, are celebrities.

The ad shows Dresselhaus, the first woman to win the National Medal of Science in Engineering, as a social media star, a doll for young girls, a style icon, and as a lecturer selling out major venues — just like today's biggest names in Hollywood.

In this world, we assume, women like Dresselhaus would serve as significant role models to other young women. 


At the end of the video, GE explains they're planning to create such a world, aiming to have 20,000 women in technical roles by year 2020. They also hope to have 50:50 representation for all their technical entry-level programs, according to the caption on the ad. "That is how we will balance the equation." 

"Our goal is clear: Attract, grow and retain a GE technical team that reflects the world in which we live," Lorraine Bolsinger, VP of Accelerated Leadership Program, tells The Huffington Post. "From a recruitment perspective, this means doing things like expanding the number of colleges and universities from which we recruit to include institutions with a more competitive gender mix. From a retention standpoint, this includes instituting processes to capture more ongoing feedback from our technology function, expanding access to bias training and continuing our work in delivering innovative benefits to improve the overall employee experience." 

And what a wonderful world that would be.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)

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