Gender Reveal Party Goes Hilariously Wrong, But Then This Couple's Friends Saved The Day

It wasn't the memorable day they were expecting.

Gender reveal parties are memorable because they mark the first moment a couple finds out the gender of their new child. But Joe and Leela Krummel's party will be remembered for a much different reason. 

The expectant parents went to a party store and explained they'd like some help for their gender reveal party. They handed over a sealed envelop from their doctor that had the gender of their new baby written inside of it. They asked that the party store employee read the note and, depending on what the gender was, fill a large cardboard box with either pink or blue balloons. The couple would later find out the gender of their baby at their brunch party by opening the box and watching the balloons fly out. 

Or so they thought. 

A mix up at the party store led to a hilarious gender reveal. The couple excitedly opened the box in front of 30 members of their friends and family, only to find out it was filled with rainbow balloons. 

Watch their hilarious reaction below (warning for a wee bit of strong language):

Leela's face and Joe's "what the fuck?" say it all. This was more of a surprise than they'd bargained for. 

"We were in disbelief when we saw the balloons," Leela told TODAY.

"And embarrassed," added Joe, "because we had all these people there."

At the end of the video, Joe tells the crowd that the store also forgot to the put the card back in the box, and since the couple never peaked at it, they still had no idea whether their child would be a boy or girl. 

Luckily, a friend did a more thorough search of the box and found the card. Their friends filled the box with baby-themed balloons the couple had purchased as decoration and resealed it. 

"Our friends knew the baby's gender before we did!" Joe told TODAY. 

Joe and Leela got to redo their gender reveal with a little help from their loved ones. 

You can watch them do it the way they originally imagined in the video below:

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