Gay Couple Criticized For 'Not Being Same Level Of Hotness' Puts Bullies Back In Their Place

True love conquers it all.

The Internet is a vast and often merciless place, full of n00bs, trolls, and other "broadband champions" who don't give two cents about other people's feelings. 

But even they get justice served. And when it happens, we can't prevent ourselves from relishing the moment. So that's exactly what we're going to do right now.

Back in April, Filipino news website BV Patrol shared a photo of two guys — Thorsten Middelhof and Naparuj Mond Kaendi — holding hands in a train in Bangkok. The caption read: "Support for them! Bitter people not allowed."


Despite the supportive comment from BV Patrol, Middelhof and Kaendi's photograph flared up a debate consisting of not only supportive but racist and homophobic comments as well.

While some people were expressing their joy and rooting for equal love, others took the opportunity to criticize their relationship based on Middelhof's and Kaendi's different looks. 

According to Pink News, the gay interracial couple faced comments such as "Foreigners are fond of pets" and "I now believe that potions work."

Some cyberbullies even debated that Middelhof, the "good-looking one," is with Kaendi just because he's the creative director of a modeling agency.

Needless to say, the couple was shocked by such unwanted negative attention. So they took it to social media to state their case.

"I've been thinking about posting this picture for awhile (and still not feeling so sure about it)," Kaendi writes his Instagram post in which he addressed the online bullies.

"Thorsten and I are just normal people who only want to have normal lives. We always respect other people while in public: we never kiss, never be in each other's arms and hardly hold hands. But apparently every time we get close while going out, people look at us, judge us, [say] that we [don't deserve] each other shooting the negativity right at us. Taking the bullets hurts ..." he continues.

Their response was like an arrow to the heart.

A ton of positive comments started floating the couple's way. People were not only sharing inspiring messages, but posting their own photos to express support.

Recently, Middelhof and Kaendi proved to their haters once and for all that true love conquers everything ...

... by tying the knot!

The beautiful ceremony took place in Aachen, Germany, which is not that far from Thorsten's hometown, Remscheid.

As a wise man once said, "all we need is love." So let's share that instead of hate!


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