Gay Guy Calls Anti-Gay-Rights Activist To Ask How He Can Get Into Heaven

"If I burn all my Lady Gaga CDs..."

Meet Riyadh.


Riyadh is an Irish YouTuber who creates hilarious videos.

A couple of weeks ago, he filmed his mom reading his Grindr messages.

She and Riyadh gave us a good laugh. 

Some people, however, did not think that a mother reading her son's Grindr messages is that funny. Which is fair. We all have a different sense of humor. 

But Shirley Phelps-Roper, an American activist and former spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church, took it a step (or 41 steps to be precise) too far. Riyadh explains this on his Youtube channel.

"Shirley aggressively used the word 'Fag' 41 times over the course of one week while commenting on my videos."

Not cool.

So Riyadh decided to call her up and ask how he can get into heaven.

Watch the entire video below.

If you make ridiculous claims, ridiculous questions shouldn't come as a surprise.

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