Aquaman In Superman Vs. Batman? The Rumors Are Swimming.

Will the GoT star be Aquaman in the highly anticipated Superman V. Batman film?

Den Of Geek set the internet on fire today with an article with a very tantalizing headline that ran wild on Facebook:

"Jason Momoa Confirmed as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman."

"Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Justice League movie. We mean it this time."

Unfortunately, it's still just a rumor. Unbeknownst to the thousands of people who shared the link without reading it through, the author of the article ran an update last night that read, in part,

"Despite my best efforts, sometimes I get caught up in the internet and don't read as closely as I should. Despite the fact that somehow the Variety story that's the source of all of this popped up all over our feeds TODAY, it's actually the same story that they ran in mid-June. So, in other words, there has been no additional confirmation that Jason Momoa is Aquaman..."


Although the article claims that an Aquaman movie is in the early stages of planning, there has yet to be any real confirmation from the studio that the Hawaii-born actor will be appearing as Aquaman in the forthcoming Superman/Batman film.

Sorry we had to throw a bucket of water on the dream. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

We'll be holding our breath for confirmation to actually surface.

Source: Den Of Geek, Facebook's trending topics 13 August 2014, and Variety. Images sourced from Google and labeled for reuse.


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