Watch The Auditions Of 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Members That Landed Them Their Roles

Nailed it.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."


Told by Ygritte to John Snow, this might just be the most famous phrase of Game of Thrones. We can hardly imagine anyone else saying these words, right? 

But the talented Scottish actress Rose Leslie, who plays the character of Ygritte, once had to audition for her role. Just like the entire cast.

Now, in a new video released by the official Game Of Thrones YouTube channel, we can watch some of our favorite cast members auditioning for their parts. 

No impressive costumes or makeup, but these actors absolutely nail their auditions. From Ygritte...

to Brienne of Tarth...

... to the Faceless Man.

No wonder why they landed their roles. Each and every of them. 

Despite a couple of silly "fu** ups," these guys are doing an outstanding job. 

Watch the entire video below.

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