7 Days Of Folding, 70 Hours Of Filming, And 4,244 Stop-Motion Images Went Into This 3-Minute Video

We're rewarded for their hard work.

Everyone knows about origami and the art of folding paper into tiny versions of things we see in the world every day, but this music video takes that art form to a whole new level.

The clip in question is for French music artist Futuro Pelo's song "Bluff" — which also features Agnès Aokky. The music video utilizes the expert skills of paper designer Alexis Facca and provides vignettes of different scenes, from a speedboat cruising the water, a golf cart driving around the course, and more.

According to Facca's Instagram, a ton of work went into this clip. The French-born and Belgium-based creative genius spent seven days on the vibrant papercraft, and it took more than 70 hours to capture the 4,244 images that make up the nearly three-minute music video. Very impressive!

This is stop-motion animation at its finest and is as mesmerizing as it is adorable.


Here's the eye-catching music video:

For more of Futuro Pelo's music, check out their Soundcloud. As for Facca's work, you can see more it on the website.


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