16 Notes From Roommates Show Why You Hate 'Em, But Can't Be Without 'Em

Paying half the rent isn't enough.

There is perhaps no greater conflict that exists in today's society than between two roommates. All kidding aside, sharing a living space with someone can be a bit hectic, even when you move in with a lover. Leaving notes might be the best way to communicate to your roomie.

Here are 16 notes people wrote for their roommates that will make you wish that you were living alone, even if you already are.


1. Some roommates can be a bit overdramatic.

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2. At least this roommate tried.

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3. A good warning.

Came home to find a note my roommate left....

4. Lil Jon would be proud.

Cousin left this note for his foreign roommate who couldn't figure the shower out

5. Now that's just torture.

Came home to this note from my roommate...

6. Now let's play "ice" everyone.

Roommate left note on fridge

7. What a cool group of guys.

My old roommates and I decided to leave a note for our new incoming roommate.

8. The Miranda Rights of dental care.

My friend left this note for his digusting roommate. It sat there for days.

9. You can only imagine what is in there.

Note that my roommate left on the toilet

10. When you don't have paper, use fruit.

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11. Free at last.

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12. Yea, you better buy two new ones.

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13. A simple request.

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14. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

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15. A gross way of doing your job.

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16. That about sums it up.

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