These Texts Are Overstepping A Boundary You Never Want To Cross With Your Parents

Like never ever.

Parents. Where would we be with out them?

Nonexistent, that's where.

While we love them dearly for giving us life, money, a car, a home to live in, and all that junk, there are just certain boundaries we don't want to cross with them.

The parents you are about to meet just have no chill when it comes to texting their kids and we really hope we never find ourselves on the receiving end of one of these.

That's great, mom, but save it for a Reddit chat somewhere.

Oh, you think mom doesn't know, huh?

Gramma knows what's up.

Unnecessary, but seriously, what happened mom?

Dad, go to work or go fix a car or something.

Ahhaaha ... no.

Really? Go back to like 1980, mom, when we weren't alive yet to see this unfunny joke.

Feeling's mutual ... we guess.

We know Siri can't inhale ...

If you aren't honest with your feelings, it just isn't healthy.

Always blame it on the cat. Always.

First of all, how does this person have 87 new messages? Second of all, yeah, we can understand why your boyfriend chose to GTFO. I mean, all those unanswered messages, so ignorant.

We know you do it, but we do not need to know when or for how long.

Role reversal isn't just for the bedroom.

And you thought Freddy Krueger was the one you have to look out for in nightmares.

Go home, dad, or wait, leave home and find some other activities.

Don't you dare bring the cat into our inability to text back in a timely manner! So sadistic.

It was funny, but you ruined it by being gross. Gross.

Take a hint. Your parents don't love you, they just put up with you.

The slightly sexist, yet caring father. Aww.

Yea, that "face thing" is just so weird.

So caring and punny.

Just looking out for ya, sweety.

No gluten. No love.

Arite, just time to go home already. Enough, mom. Deleting you from my phone.


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