Man Walking Down The Street Is A Questionable Response Video

Funny or offensive?

In a video that has gotten over 15 million views, Shoshana B. Roberts was filmed walking around New York City.

Over the course of 10 hours, Roberts recorded dozens of catcalls, harassments and even one man who walked with her down the street — uninvited — for five minutes. Since publishing the video, she has already begun receiving rape threats.

In a satirical response video, the comedy group Funny Or Die made a similar film, except with a man. With actors on the street, they filmed people coming up and offering him ridiculous things; like a job, or a football, or asking if he wanted to be carried down the street.

It appears the video was meant both as a joke about how ridiculous male privilege is and just an attempt at making people laugh. However, some people didn't think it was funny.

Commenters and viewers have expressed disbelief and frustration that Funny Or Die would undermine such a serious video with a satirical response, one that might damage the progress of the original film. What do you think? Funny? Insensitive? Or nothing to see here? Let us know in the comments, and check out the original video below.



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