11 Outrageous Bloopers That Might Be Funnier Than The Actual Movies

Try not to laugh.

Everyone makes mistakes, especially actors. You may not even realize that in some of your favorite movies, an actor makes a gaffe. Many movies proudly feature these mistakes, known as bloopers, in a gag reel.

Here are 11 movie bloopers that could be funnier than the real movies:


1. Jim Carrey's antics during the "Liar Liar" credits are to die for.

2. Even "Star Wars" had a few mistakes.

3. "Toy Story 2" was funny and so were its fake bloopers at the end.

4. Patrick Stewart can't keep it together during this "Star Trek" scene.

5. Some behind-the-scenes "Shrek" madness.

6. "Rush Hour" had its funny bloopers after the movie.

7. The guys from "The Hangover" had a tough time staying in character for this scene.

8. She didn't expect this to happen during the "Young Frankenstein" filming.

9. "The Lion King" also made its own bloopers.

10. Jennifer Aniston couldn't help but laugh during the "We're The Millers" filming.

11. And this "Avengers" blooper proves that even Thor needs to catch his hammer with two hands.


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