11 Epic Moments From Jeopardy You'll Never Forget Because You Kept Laughing

A Daily Double of funny.

Since it's first episode with Alex Trebek in 1984, Jeopardy has become one of the greatest game shows of all time. Similar to funny situations in other game shows, Jeopardy has endured a fair share of hilarious and unbelievably real moments.

Here are 11 times that something crazy happened on Jeopardy and they become instant classics:

1. When you don't know, you make the best stuff up.

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2. Carly Rae Jepsen would be proud.

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3. This guy was really overthinking an easy question.

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4. At least he can draw.

Rage face on Jeopary.

5. Clearly, no one here has played video games.

Jeopardy fail

6. Take a guess.

This. isssss. Jeopardy!

7. Do contestants with negative totals owe money?

How to win by default on Jeopardy

8. A very specific category.

Favorite category of Jeopardy EVER! And not even about TWD

9. Snap, you got it right.

Snap! The Most Fabulous Response In ‘Jeopardy!’ History

10. Keep on smiling.

So I was watching reruns of Jeopardy the other day when this smug bastard showed up.

11. This guy is too excited.


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