21 Funny License Plates That You Won't Believe Actually Exist

You'll laugh while driving.

Everyone wants the latest cars and the coolest automobile accessories. But perhaps the greatest accessory that you can customize on your car is your license plate. Some car owners go the extra mile by creating a unique license plate that speaks to their personality.

Here are 21 license plates that are part funny, part genius and part weird:


1. You got it?

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2. An evil laugh.

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3. Kinda weird.

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4. Great apology?

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5. Bacon is delicious.

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6. A license plate that speaks out loudly.

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7. Does this Delorean go 88 MPH?

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8. This clears up any confusion.

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9. You must be hungry.

Best license plate ever.

10. Hang on, it's coming.

Saw another license plate post and it reminded me of this legendary find by my roommate.

11. A gasoline joke.

Best tesla license place

12. This one need some Scooby snacks.

Best license plate in my state

13. Are you referring to the car?

By far my favorite license plate I have seen

14. A lot of people want this license plate.

So I saw this license plate..

15. Wonder if people get the joke here?

The perfect license plate for a creeper van

16. Sure it wasn't.

17. So ironic.

18. It's a way of saying, "How are you?"

19. Do you like your license plate?

20. It's like a text message.

21. For "Harry Potter" fans.

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