Three Kids Secretly Control A Speed-Dating Session. Things Get Weird Real Quick.

Never stop fooling around.

Nowadays, everyone has a good dating story. If not a purely humorous, romantic and inspiring ode to love, then at least a grotesque tale of how they got screwed by some arrogant jerk.

But wait until you see the dating trap these unsuspecting people were lured into.

Boy would this make a good scenario for a How I Met Your Mother episode!


Meet Julia. She was asked to take part in a speed-dating session where she would meet with a bunch of different men and, possibly, find her match.

But here's the twist: Julia was equipped with a microscopic earphone and her entire date was monitored by ... kids.

Meaning she had to do everything these little pranksters told her to. And oh, did they deliver!

'Tell your date their eyes are the most interesting thing you have ever seen.'

'Tell him to put lipstick on you. Ask him if he wants to put some on. Double dare him.'

'Pretend you have an imaginary pet.'

Doesn't this make dating look much more fun? Watch the full video below:


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