22 Kids Who Deserve Top Marks For Originality On Their Homework Responses

"Because I'm smart."

It's well known that kids say the darnedest things, but sometimes their brilliance shines most when they are asked to write down what they are thinking. 

Whether they're doing a homework assignment, writing tests, or doing an exam, kids can come up with some interesting responses. Lucky for us, parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, and friends are sharing some of the clever answers on social media so we can appreciate kids' clever thinking. 

The kids' hilarious responses might not have always been the "right" answer that teachers were looking for, but they deserve an honorary gold star for creativity. Here are 22 hilarious homework answers that show it's always better to answer a question than leave it blank.


1. Someone define "animal."

2. All the feels.

3. Way to work in some English.

4. Duh!

5. It answers the question.

6. Different tastes, but still the same.

7. Shouldn't have made the assumption.

8. There could be a reason he wanted that coin combination.

9. Not here for a job.

10. It did.

11. Comfortable working environments are essential.

12. A doctor in training?

13. Think of the cells.

14. It's a valid point.

15. For my eyes only.

16. He's got major muscles.

17. Cheese is pretty amazing.

18. In a backwards way, it's right.

19. Logical.

20. Great confidence.

21. Poor Grandpa Joe.

22. Being mindful of calories.

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