14 Letters From Camp That Prove How Hilarious Kids Are Without Even Trying

"They are forcing me to write, but they can't make me tell you anything."

Anyone who's been to camp knows that receiving care packages from your parents and sending letters home is an integral part of the experience. While some kids are happy to communicate with their families, others aren't into the idea of being "forced" into correspondence. Whatever their letters may contain, be it some  some unexpected detail or a ridiculous request, all are pretty hilarious. 

Check out some of our favorite camp letters below: 


1. Drugstore run ASAP.

2. One, two, three sentences.

3. Wanted food, but didn't want to talk.

4. Trying to be diplomatic.

5. Not even a lone sock.

6. Sorta.

7. Never surrender.

8. A modern message written the old-fashioned way.

9. Need Candy ASAP.

10. Thanks, but not really.

11. There were three bottles packed.

12. Can't even.

Kid sends his mom a letter from camp. He's going places.

13. When there's not letter, just envelope writing.

14. For you, not the mail delivery person.

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