14 Funny Test Answers From Kids Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

"Who was America's first president?"

Everyone knows kids say the darndest things, but when it comes to class examinations and homework assignments, they also write the darndest things, too. From funny kids' test answers to funny homework answers, their wit knows no bounds. Yet, while these hilarious quiz answers are technically wrong from an education standpoint, it's hard to deny that many of said test answers are rather insightful. Some, in fact, some are borderline genius. 

Here are just some kids' funny test answers to make you belly laugh and wonder: "Why didn't I think of that?"


1. It's like an optical illusion ...

2. You can't have one without the other.

3. It's all subjective, really.

4. Sounds like someone hit the sweet spot.

5. Well, that explains it!

6. Looks legit.

7. The sign of a true hero.

8. Or are they?!

9. Ouch! This one hurts ...

10. Teachers can be wrong, too.

11. Math = the universal language (obviously).

12. It's "Everybody," actually ... But 'A' for effort!

13. Sounds like pretty solid advice.

14. OK, now I'm hungry ...

Cover image via Pixabay / Unsplash

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